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A breakthrough has been achieved in the bottleneck technology of PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal
Время: 2022-08-27

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Put forward the future development goals: "The development of the new energy vehicle industry to achieve marketization. The new industrial ecology centered on the new energy vehicle industry has been gradually constructed. The common three-way MATERIAL PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal bottleneck technology has been breakthrough. The brand quality has strong competitiveness, and the infrastructure system has been constantly improved. The economy and convenience of products continue to improve, the market environment is greatly improved, and the penetration rate of products is significantly increased.

PTMS magnetic separator

A nanoparticle for the lithium cobalt and FEEDstuffs industry with PTMS LITHIUM Cobalt ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC development trend in the mid and high end electronic products field, Lithium Cobalts and feedstuffs have the advantages of high energy density, high discharge voltage, good filling and good cycling properties, and can meet the market requirements for battery volume and energy density in mid and high-end electronic products such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

how to separate two magnets?

At the same time, a mid and high end cathode material is rather a cathode material with PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID material MAGNETIC cost sensitivity, so in the field of mid and high end electronics, Lithium cobalt and feedstuffs will continue to be dominant and difficult to be replaced by other polar materials.

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