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A new vertical ring high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator beneficiation equipment for comprehensive force field beneficiation
Время: 2024-03-03

high gradient magnetic separation

Vertical ring high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator after years of improvement, citing many advanced technology, is currently the most advanced strong magnetic series. It is a new type of mineral processing equipment using magnetic force, pulsating fluid force and gravity, etc. It is suitable for the separation of weak magnetic minerals such as hematite, pyrite, hemtite and manganite with 0.074mm and 60% -100%.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Advantages of vertical ring high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator: multi-gradient medium technology makes iron concentrate with high grade and high recovery rate; the pulsation mechanism drives the pulp, which keeps the ore group in the division loose, so that the magnetic ore particle is more likely to be captured by the magnetic medium, while the non-magnetic ore particles pass through the magnetic medium faster and enter into the tailings bucket, which greatly reduces the blockage phenomenon.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi?

The removal effect is good, improving the taste of iron concentrate and reduces the consumption of agents in the reverse flotation operation; the performance of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator is good, the magnetic medium is not blocked for a long time, the equipment operation rate can reach 99%; the small and maintenance cost of the vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator is low, low cost, which is suitable for most concentrators. Good stability, can be long-term stable production.

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