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Advantages of PTMS magnetic separation flotation methods
Время: 2023-12-26

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PTMS magnetic separation flotation method can be divided into three kinds: the first is fluorine and acid method. This method is widely used because of its good flotation effect, easy control and stable index. However, fluoride ions have a great effect on land erosion and damage to the surrounding ecological environment. The second is the non-fluorinated acid method. The biggest advantage of this method is to avoid the use of fluoride ions that are destructive to the environment, and the production index is stable, but the corrosion effect of strong acids on mineral processing equipment cannot be ignored.

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There are higher requirements for PTMS magnetic separation equipment. The third method is fluorine-free acid-free method. Under the condition of natural pH, a unique high concentration pulp flotation environment can be created by the reasonable allocation of cationic and anion collectors to achieve the purpose of preferential flotation of impurity minerals. However, because this method has strict requirements on raw sand treatment and pulp environment, it is not easy to control production, and it has not been widely used at present.

what is magnetic separation used for?

The PTMS magnetic separation flotation method has a good effect on the removal of iron occurring in heavy minerals. The silica sand concentrator in the United States uses sodium petroleum sulfonate and kerosene as collectors to separate biotite and iron-bearing iron under acidic conditions, reducing the Fe2O3 content from 0.12% ~ 0.18% to 0.06% ~ 0.065%.

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