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Application and progress of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment
Время: 2023-12-31

water cooling electromagnetic separator for Feldspar

In recent years, great progress has been made in the application and development of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment, and a large number of scientific research achievements have been made that play an important role in the production development, but the existing models, varieties and specifications still cannot meet the production requirements. Due to different ore properties (distribution size, magnetic susceptibility, etc.) and product quality requirements, the magnetic separation process is not the same.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The related magnetic separation equipment costs and production and operation costs are high, which limits the development of magnetic separation applications. With the continuous breakthrough of superconducting technology, especially the discovery of low-cost superconducting materials, superconducting PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment is expected to replace conventional high gradient magnetic separator, and get greater application in the field of mineral processing.

what is magnetic bead separation?

The future development direction of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment will be: the magnetic system structure to a reasonable and perfect development; Magnetic materials from the lower level: electromagnetic from conventional materials to superconducting materials, permanent magnets from ferrite to ream iron boron materials; Equipment scale to large-scale development; Product specifications to serialization development; The control mode is developed to program control, module circuit and automatic monitoring.

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