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Application Of High Gradient PTMS Magnetic Separator in Mining Industry
Время: 2021-07-29

Application Of High Gradient PTMS Magnetic Separator in Mining Industry

Jul 29, 2021

Wet Separator

The ore grade of a mining company is 29.38%. Phase I project, in which the scale of oxidized ore is 6 million t/a and the scale of primary ore is 1 million t/a. Initially built and put into operation, the designed annual output of iron concentrate of 2.54 million tons, iron concentrate grade of 66%. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

A stage by stage grinding, grading, re-election degree high gradient magnetic separation one anionic reverse flotation of the ore dressing process, although many studies have shown that the process can well adapt to basically the ore sorting, but since put into production, the actual production and design have larger gap, concentrate grade is around 63%, recovery is only able to achieve 45%, At the same time, some design problems are gradually exposed, which seriously restrict the production and economic benefits of the mine. 

PTMS Magnetic Separator Is The Best Choice?

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore? 

Therefore, PTMS organized relevant personnel to analyze the specific problems existing in the beneficiation production, replaced the equipment with high gradient PTMS magnetic separator, and proposed the appropriate and reasonable process parameters and reagent system for beneficiation, which increased the concentrate grade and recovery to 65.50% and 70.00% respectively, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

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