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Automatic PTMS magnetic separation of dry powder according to the properties of ore design different field strength
Время: 2023-11-30

electromagnetic separation

The automatic dry powder PTMS magnetic separation is mainly for the positive and negative powder materials and the development of a new type of iron removal machine, its magnetic system features large Angle, multiple magnetic poles, the magnetic flux density value of the machine selection area is more average, play the role of its magnetic system, can be designed according to different ore properties of different field strength;

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

In addition, PTMS magnetic separation does not need to overcome the gravitational action and the resistance of raw materials in the process of separation. When non-magnetic minerals are removed from the magnetic field, the minerals can be separated from the magnetic cylinder well under the action of gravity. Moreover, the electromagnetic dry powder machine increases the mechanical vibration device, which can not only improve the iron removal effect, but also conveniently realize the high magnetic field strength of iron abandonment.

what is magnetic separation?

According to the need, PTMS magnetic separation can produce different magnetic field strength products, such as: 1.5T,2.0T,2.5T,3.0T. Enamel raw materials: mainly with potassium feldspar and other mineral raw materials mixed into enamel, the amount of incorporation is usually more than 20-30%. Potassium albite can also be used as a high-quality raw material for the production of fertilizer.

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