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Development direction of PTMS magnetic separation in magnetic agglomeration
Время: 2024-01-15

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In recent years, PTMS magnetic separation equipment has developed rapidly, in the scale of equipment to large-scale development, in the form of structural diversification, in the product specifications to series development, in the control mode many have adopted program control, module circuit and automatic monitoring, and has entered the high-tech field.

PTMS magnetic separation

magnetic separator PTMS magnetic separation, which is a equipment integrating magnetic and gravity beneficiation, has higher sorting accuracy than the traditional permanent magnet drum magnetic separator. In the working area composed of several layers of magnetic fields perpendicular to the pulp flow direction, The material to be sorted goes through the process of magnetic agglomeration-dispersion-reagglomeration-dispersing, so that the magnetic minerals are separated from the non-magnetic minerals, rich and poor connected organisms, so as to obtain high grade magnetic concentrate.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

With the development of industrial technology, PTMS magnetic separation has experienced several changes from non-variable diameter to variable diameter and then to electromagnetic separator, its operation is more automated and intelligent, the mineral processing indicators are getting better and better, and the application field is more and more extensive.

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