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Dry PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is used for iron removal and purification of brown corundum
Время: 2024-01-12

dry type magnetic separator

MAGNETIC separation is the most widely used and effective method for removing iron from non-metallic minerals such as kaolin, bentonite and quartz. The widely used PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment mainly includes dry magnetic separator, permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic field screening machine, vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator and so on.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR has achieved permanent magnetization. For example, the rare earth permanent magnet swinging magnetic system is made of high-performance ferrotitanium boron permanent magnet material. The magnetic induction intensity of the roller surface is 300-800mT. The magnetic body is not easy to wear, the material is not blocked and other advantages, its sorting performance is good, widely used, especially suitable for non-metallic ore purification with high iron content.

what is magnetic separation in Quartz?

The series PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is used for the purification of brown corundum. The content of ferromagnetic mineral is reduced from 20% to 0.045%, and the separation index is good. Dry medium magnetic field magnetic separator can be used to remove strong magnetic minerals and iron impurities in advance before strong magnetic separation, recycling of tailings in magnetic separation plants and purification of non-metallic ores.

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