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Dry Purification Series PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR Clever magnetic circuit design
Время: 2024-01-24

magnetic drum separator

Dry Purification Series PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR (Iron Separator),This series of products is a kind of dry powder, continuous automatic iron purification of magnetic separator (dry magnetic separator), its internal use of unique, scientific, ingenious magnetic circuit design, by different properties of permanent magnet source, strong magnetic force, large suction, iron removal net, high purity.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR has the advantages of low maintenance rate, low energy consumption, safe use and easy operation. Manual automatic control of feed and three adjustable speed, can adapt to the needs of different granularity of selected materials, widely used in abrasives, carbon, fly ash, refractory materials, chemical and other industries to remove iron purification. This magnetic separator model is complete, from single drum to four drum, the magnetic field is different,

what is magnetic separation method in hindi ?

Each user can according to their own requirements, put forward your requirements, to ensure that you buy satisfaction, with rest assured. With the progress of science and technology, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR can magnetic separation particle size has reached below 4mm, and the magnetic field strength has also increased from 1500T to 30000T, so that the magnetic separator is more widely used, and the efficiency of separation has been greatly improved several times.

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