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Electromagnetic PTMS Magnetic Separator According To Different Ore Raw Materials For Field Debugging
Время: 2021-07-06

Magnetic Separation Machine
Electromagnetic PTMS magnetic separator equipment with large water consumption, the treatment of different iron concentrate actual water consumption is about 3.23~6.34 m3/t, PTMS will be equipped with the corresponding "dehydration" equipment for customers to choose, the washing water part of the impurities separated, dispose of a part of gangue and linked body, can make the water recycling, reduce unnecessary waste of water resources.

PTMS Magnetic Separator
The electromagnetic PTMS magnetic separator has good separation effect and has been put into use in many mines around the world. It not only has high sorting efficiency, but also has good economic effect and can reduce costs for enterprises. In actual industry, PTMS equipment will also carry out on-site debugging according to different ore raw materials, and optimize the data of ore feed, magnetic field strength, tangential water incident Angle, ore water concentration and so on.

How To Separate Two Magnets?
Because electromagnetic PTMS magnetic separator separation of ore is affected by many parameters, tangential water incidence Angle in the end what kind of effect, and then to optimize in large-scale industrial production, this need to conduct a detailed understanding of the actual situation.

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