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Electromagnetic PTMS Magnetic Separators Use Solenoid Coils
Время: 2021-09-11

Wet Separator

Magnetic gradients are generated in PTMS magnetic separators by concentrating magnetic flux lines on steel poles in the circuit. This can be done simply by placing a steel plate between two magnets. The flux will be concentrated in the steel plate, resulting in extremely high magnetic field strength. Magnetic forces act on the properties of particles.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

Electromagnetic PTMS magnetic separator is designed by solenoid coil. Magnetic separators use holes in solenoid coils for sorting, while other separators use solenoid coils to send magnetic flux through steel or "C-frame" circuits.

What Is Magnetic Separation? 

The magnetic field in the gap - the hole in the solenoid or the gap in the C box is used for sorting in the magnetic separator. Electromagnetic separators typically run up to about 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla). PTMS magnetic separator can remove iron (FE2O3) inside.

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