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Fixed Kaolin Permanent Magnet PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-09-12

Drum Magnetic Separator

Fixed permanent magnet PTMS magnetic separators - especially plate type and grid type - represent the industrial application of PTMS magnetic separation technology and are the most common magnetic separators currently used by customers. These separators consist of permanent rare earth magnets arranged in loops and housed in stainless steel housings. The material flows over or around the permanent magnet, and the iron material is collected and kept outside the magnetic chamber.


PTMS magnetic separators are usually used to collect ferromagnetic iron particles from ceramic materials to ensure high product quality. They are also excellent in ceramic processing applications for removing worn fine iron from machine parts, pipes, chutes, silos and processing equipment. PTMS magnetic separator can improve product whiteness.

How To Separate Two Magnets ? 

Fixed permanent magnet PTMS magnetic separator is mainly due to its low production and operating costs. In addition, they have few moving parts and are cheap to maintain.

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