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High gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator technology has been used in kaolin industry
Время: 2024-01-09

drum magnetic separator

At present, high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator technology has been used not only in kaolin industry, but also in hematite separation, pulverized coal desulfurization, non-metallic impurity removal, sewage treatment and so on. The magnetic ring column overcomes the disadvantages of the magnetic ring column. Different from the magnetic ring column, the magnetic ring column has an electromagnetic ring yoke magnetic system and an inner cylinder respectively in its thick selection and sorting cylinder.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The coarse selection ring yoke magnetic system can increase the particle range of the magnetic separation ring column to -0.7mm, which is suitable for select and rough selection operations. The design of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator in the tube changes the discharge mode of the magnetic separator to flow downstream, which not only reduces the water consumption of the magnetic separator, but also increases the processing capacity.

what is magnetic separation?

After the development of magnetic separation column in recent years, the equipment tends to mature, but its water consumption is large, the automatic control system is unstable, and the equipment price is high. Or after magnetization roasting, use a weak magnetic field magnetic separator to select. Most manganese minerals and wolframite can be separated by PTMS Electromagnetic Separator.

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