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How Can PTMS Magnetic Separator Improve The Economic Benefits Of Potash Albinite Mining Enterprises
Время: 2021-06-28

High Quality Magnetic Separator
In order to save mineral resources and improve the economic benefits of mining enterprises, the high efficiency recovery of potassium albite associated with other mineral resources is carried out. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. With the continuous fluctuation of ore properties, the recovery rate of potassium albinite concentrate and iron concentrate are both lower than 50%, and the index decreases seriously.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
Therefore, the separation optimization of this kind of ore needs to be solved urgently. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. The TFe grade of the ore is 12.17%, and the content of potassium and albite is 2.93%. The main target minerals are magnetite, potassium albite and other minerals.

What Is Magnetic Separation Process?
In the first stage of grinding fineness of -0.074 mm 50%, after a magnetic separation, the concentrate was ground by the second stage, when the grinding fineness of -0.074 mm 80%, after two magnetic separation can be obtained after the yield of 11.05%, grade of 64.14%, recovery of 58.25% concentrate; After flotation process of one roughing, one scavenging and three cleaning of a magnetic tailings, a concentrate with a grade of more than 33% kali-albinite, a yield of about 8% and a recovery of more than 90% can be obtained. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice.

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