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How can the slurry be fully in contact with the PTMS magnetic separation tray
Время: 2024-01-22

iron separator machine

The advantage of PTMS magnetic separation is that the slurry can fully contact the disk surface to ensure the full absorption of iron, and the centrifugal force subjected to the slurry can fully separate the slurry and iron, and the separation of iron and slurry is more thorough. The pulp outlet is set opposite to the center of the magnetic separator, and the pulp outlet is provided with a conical pulp guide cover, which is used to disperse the pulp discharged from the pulp outlet into a ring.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The lower end diameter of the conical slurry guide cover is larger than the diameter of the center hole of the PTMS magnetic separation disk. The conical slurry guide cover can make the slurry evenly spread in the middle of the magnetic chuck in a ring. The pulp discharge valve comprises a spool arranged along the vertical direction, and the spool is connected with the upper end of the pulp discharge port. The floating adjusting mechanism includes a elastic component and a floating component,

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The elastic component is assembled so that its elastic force can drive the spool to open upward, and the PTMS magnetic separation floating component is assembled so that the buoyancy of the floating force can be converted into the downward pressure exerted on the spool, and the downward pressure can change with the level of the slurry, that is, the higher the level of the slurry, the greater the pressure, and the lower the level of the slurry, the smaller the pressure.

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