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How Does PTMS Magnetic Separator Separate Mineral Ores With High Natural Mineral Content
Время: 2021-07-28

Wet Magnetic Separator

When treating mineral ores with high content of natural minerals, the bulk natural copper with particle size greater than 40 mm and the natural copper with particle size less than 40 mm are separated by sieve in the crushing process and separated by jigging, spiral chute PTMS magnetic separator and shaking table, respectively. The crusher damage and accumulation in the mill caused by the malleable natural ore can be overcome to ensure the normal operation of production.

PTMS Magnetic Separation 

For PTMS magnetic separator of high pressure roller mill, the combined crushing and grading process of cylinder washing machine + cylinder screen and vibrating screen can greatly improve the efficiency of crushing and grading.

How To Separate Two Magnets? 

Mineral concentrate with good index can be obtained by flotation ~ low intensity magnetic PTMS magnetic separation of gravity separation tailings produced after recovering natural mineral materials.

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