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How To Adjust The Magnetic Field Intensity Of PTMS Magnetic Separator According To Different Potash Feldspar Ore
Время: 2021-09-16

Electromagnetic Separation

The adjustment of magnetic field intensity of PTMS magnetic separator is also different due to the different mineral properties and quality requirements of products. When the concentrator of concentrate quality requirements are not high, or ore grinding, easy selection, fine ore granularity, magnetic separation column magnetic field intensity can be adjusted to some larger, both to the high-grade 4~6 grade, so that the sedimentation rate of ore particles faster, to improve the magnetic separation column processing capacity is beneficial, can improve the output.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

When the grade is much higher than the required grade, it can also increase the size of ore, reduce the amount of regrinding mill, save electricity, water and improve economic benefits. When the ore is difficult to grind, difficult to separate, coarse feed size, low feed grade, high concentrate grade is required, the magnetic field strength of magnetic separation column of PTMS magnetic separator can be adjusted to a little, at this time the sedimentation rate of ore particles is slow, affecting the processing capacity, but at this time the magnetic chain can be better washed in the process of falling, and the concentrate grade can be improved.

What Is Magnetic Separation In Feldspar? 

According to the magnetic separation column of PTMS magnetic separator for different uses of roughing and cleaning, adjust the magnetic field intensity, practice shows that for the lean ore with fine inset particle size, hard to grind and hard to separate, the magnetic field intensity must be doubled, the ore particles with weak magnetic, and then increase the flow rate, in order to separate the lean and continuous body, and make the concentrate not overflow out.

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