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How to choose PTMS Electromagnetic Separator iron removal process for polymetallic symbiotic ore dressing
Время: 2024-03-12

magnetic separation equipment

Polymetallic symbiotic ore dressing this kind of ore composition is complex, diverse types, so the method, equipment and process are also different, such as iron ore using reverse flotation-multi-gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator, flocculation flotation, weak magnetic-flotation-strong magnetic separation, weak magnetic-flotation, roasting magnetic separation and other different process, in order to improve the recovery of iron, and comprehensive recovery of rare earth oxides.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

In iron ore, about 53% of ferrovanadium concentrate is obtained by magnetic separation. After magnetic dressing, tailings are obtained by weak magnetic sweep-strong magnetic PTMS Electromagnetic Separator-reseparation-flotation-drying electroseparation, titanium concentrate and sulfur cobalt concentrate are obtained, and titanium and cobalt are recovered. Magnetic separator is widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining industry, kiln industry, chemical industry and other workshops.

what is magnetic separation in science?

We are a production of iron removal equipment and other heavy and light PTMS Electromagnetic Separator machines, set scientific research, production, sales as one of the enterprises. The mining equipment produced by our company has been exported to many countries and regions, and enjoys a certain reputation in magnetic iron removal equipment.

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