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Iron impurities in quartz sand by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR method
Время: 2024-01-07

Wet magnetic separator

The occurrence state of iron impurities in quartz sand determines the degree to which iron impurities can be removed by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. The iron content in quartz sand will increase with the decrease of particle size, because the particles with small particle size contain more heavy minerals and feldspar, which are not resistant to weathering compared with quartz.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Based on the specific case of quartz sand, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR can remove the occurrence state of iron: in clay minerals, generally exposed deposits contain more weathered clay. This clay is made of limestone, feldspar, shale and other weathering, the main component of the clay contains quartz, mica, limonite, calcite and chlorite mixture of natural water vanadite silicate, its particle size is very small (10um).

what is magnetic separation in science?

In the case of heavy minerals and magnetic minerals, heavy minerals are those whose relative densities are greater than 2.9. Most of these minerals are MAGNETIC or weakly magnetic, and iron is the basic element in these minerals, which needs to be removed by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR.

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