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Iron removal by potassium feldspar using the PTMS magnetic separation process
Время: 2024-03-19

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In nature, mineral symbiosis, association is a very common phenomenon. With the gradual decrease of potassium feldspar ore reserves, less and less potassium feldspar can be directly exploited, and more potassium feldspar with associated minerals, such as associated iron ore. In order to obtain high grade feldspar concentrate, we will remove the associated minerals, which involves the potassium feldspar iron removal process. So what are the common potassium feldspar removal PTMS magnetic separation process methods and equipment?

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Using PTMS magnetic separation process, suitable for the ore contained in the ore has strong magnetic. Because the magnetic separation process is the use of different magnetic iron minerals to determine the corresponding magnetic separation process. Although it can remove most of the strong magnetic iron ore, it is helpless for some highly weathered and easily muddy ore, using the acid soaking process.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin ?

PTMS magnetic separation The process mainly uses the different magnetic properties of iron minerals to develop the corresponding magnetic separation process, which can remove most of the strong magnetic ore. However, for some ores with high weathering degree, iron minerals are easy to mudze in the grinding process, and it is difficult to remove these iron minerals by strong magnetic separation.

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