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Kaolin Belongs To Adsorption Material And Can Be Sorted By PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-06-26

High Gradient Magnetic Separation
Kaolin clay, kaolin, diatomite, sepiolite, concave-convex rod, non-metallic minerals, such as bentonite has a larger specific surface area, adsorption ability strong, can be prepared into filter aid, decoloring agent, desiccant, deodorant, antibacterial agent, water purifiers, air purifiers, oil stain treatment, waste treatment, adsorption material such as sand fixing agent. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. Mainly focused on the preparation of polluted water treatment materials, drinking water purification materials, air purification materials and soil improvement materials.

PTMS Magnetic Separator
Preparation of polluted water treatment materials. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. To non-metallic mineral as the raw material, the use of organic modification, surface modification and intercalation modification, microwave modification, heat, acid modification and mechanical chemical modification methods such as the preparation of adsorption material, in the treatment of bodies of water such as organic matter and heavy metal pollution effect is obvious, such as ultrasonic and modified zeolite enhanced treatment of high concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater, modified bentonite adsorption of phenol, etc.

How To Separate Two Magnets ?
Preparation of drinking water purification materials. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. The adsorption of inorganic fluorine in drinking water by zeolite, kaolin and other modified adsorbents was studied.

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