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Kaolin PTMS Magnetic Separator Separation System
Время: 2021-07-31

Drum Separator

PTMS magnetic separator separation system, hydrocyclone ore proportion is reasonable, the amount of ore into gravity separation and the amount of ore into reverse flotation separation ratio is 4:1, avoid causing rough separation spiral chute tailings large amount, improve high grade, resulting in the magnetic machine tailing will not be too high, metal loss is reduced; Low cost gravity concentrate yield is high.

PTMS Magnetic Separator 

The high gradient high intensity magnetic PTMS magnetic separator has sufficient capacity. Before high intensity magnetic concentration, the overflow rate is large and the concentration is high (generally more than 4.5%), the overflow grade is less than 24%, and the comprehensive tailings grade is high.

What Is Magnetic Separation Process ? 

Reduce the occurrence of mining accidents in the filtration workshop, due to insufficient filtration capacity, resulting in silting in the filtration workshop, motor submerged and other accidents. PTMS magnetic separator separation system according to the amount of starch in reverse flotation concentrate, its viscosity to adjust the concentration of sulfuric acid to remove starch. The filtration workshop can pass about 3 000 t per day, which can meet the production of 2 red ore series and 1 magnetic ore series.

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