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Magnetic agglomeration PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is A device for sorting magnetite ores
Время: 2023-11-29

dry type magnetic separator

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is a kind of equipment for the separation of magnetic ore. It is generally in the middle position in the magnetic separation process, and the separation product is not the final product. Magnetic agglomeration gravity separator is a modification of magnetic desliming tank, and its structure mainly includes: cylinder, conical tank, overflow tank, feed pipe, feed pipe, discharge port adjustment actuator, updraft pipe, discharge rubber weight, external magnetic system and internal magnetic system.


The upper part of the tank is a cylindrical cylinder, the lower part is a cone, the cone Angle is 90°, the cone is equipped with an ascending water flow device, the top of the cone is a ore discharge port, the size of the discharge port can be adjusted by lifting or lowering the rubber plug with an electric actuator. The central part of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR cylinder is a ore feed cylinder, and the upper part of the cylinder is surrounded by an overflow weir.

what is magnetic separation used for ?

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR The most critical is the magnetic system, which can be called dot matrix magnetic system. It is composed of a permanent magnet block and is divided into two layers inside and outside, with four circles above and below each layer. The inner magnetic system is located inside the feeder cylinder, and the outer magnetic system is located between the tank and the feeder cylinder. The relative space field strength of the inner and outer magnetic system is high, about 10 ~ 20kA/m, and the space magnetic field between the upper and lower layers is very weak.

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