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Magnetic Separation Column Of PTMS Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-09-15

Dry Type Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separation column of PTMS magnetic separator is an electromagnetic low weak magnetic and high efficiency magnetic gravity separation equipment. The separation index of magnetic separation column is affected by four factors: magnetic field strength of magnetic separation column, magnetic field transformation period, rising water velocity and the size of concentrate discharge port. Only by adjusting the parameters in a certain proportion can the optimal separation index be obtained.

PTMS Magnetic Separation 

The magnetic separation column of PTMS magnetic separator is equipped with a transformer in the electric control cabinet. The voltage band is divided into six grades, and the voltage is adjustable from 110V to 210V, rotating clockwise. The voltage increases and the magnetic field intensity increases. In general, the higher the magnetic field intensity, the closer the magnetic agglomeration, the worse the selectivity of the separation process, and the lower the concentrate grade. Therefore, the voltage band switch should be placed in the low level, which is 1~3.

What Is Magnetic Separation Used For? 

PTMS is the main PTMS magnetic separation equipment professional company, PTMS magnetic separation equipment for kaolin, potassium sodium feldspar, quartz sand removal of iron (Fe2O3). PTMS to provide customers with high quality PTMS magnetic separator, in addition to iron equipment and other products and services, the best choice of PTMS magnetic separator. PTMS develops, designs, and sells mining machinery, iron removal equipment, and dry magnetic separators.

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