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The Trial Operation Of High Strength PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Divided Into 3 Steps
Время: 2021-01-01

Eriz Magnetic Separator
PTMS Magnetic Separation
What Is Magnetic Separation Method?

Master high-strength magnetic PTMS magnetic separator right of commissioning procedures and operational considerations to PTMS magnetic separator under the premise that guarantee the quality of concentrate is try to reduce the taste of tailings, before start to do the inspection of magnetic medium, there can be no loose, broken lost status, near the moving parts of high-strength magnetic PTMS magnetic separator cannot have scattered pieces of iron or other sundries.

Test procedure of high strength PTMS magnetic separator:
 1. Before the test run, it is necessary to move the outlet of PTMS magnetic separator's feeding pipe outside to avoid the slag and iron filings falling into the magnetic separator; After feeding the mine, confirm that the coarse grains inside the pipe have been washed out, and then move to the inside.
 2. Run empty for several hours after installation. The test sequence is as follows: supply water, make sure that all cooling water pipes do not fall off or leak, start the rotary ring, pulse start, excitation start and cylinder screen start; If there is no abnormal phenomenon after L-2 hours, the pulsation is suspended and the ore and rinsing water are fed until the level bucket is full to the overflow surface, and the pulsation is carefully started (since the pulsation load is large only when the level bucket reaches the overflow surface). If the whole machine does not have obvious shaking or vibration, it means the equipment can operate normally.
3, the first few days of the test should be checked every two hours the tightness of the magnetic media, if there is loose, it is necessary to stop immediately to add magnetic media or tighten the bolts. The newly installed magnetic media is easy to loosen in the first few days, and will gradually improve after being added or tightened several times.

How does a magnetic separator work?

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