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The Magnetic Advantages Of Roller Type PTMS Magnetic Separator -- The Magnetic Force Will Not Decay After 5 Years Of Normal Use
Время: 2021-01-02

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What Is Magnetic Separation Method?

After a period of use, roller type strong magnetic PTMS magnetic separator will show magnetic attenuation to different degrees. For example, within the range of 5%, it is generally acceptable within the normal range. The magnetic attenuation of roller type magnetic separator that some customers buy can reach more than 20% after using it for just one year, which will seriously affect the sorting effect. Here are some suggestions for friends who order roller type PTMS magnetic separator:
 1. To choose a regular PTMS magnetic separator partner, do not seek for cheap;
 2. The configuration of roller PTMS magnetic separator should be selected specifically for the specification and performance of magnetic blocks;
 3. During the use of roller type strong magnetic PTMS separator, direct solar irradiation should be avoided to prevent external forces from impacting the magnetic block;
 4. If the temperature of the material is higher than 80℃, please tell PTMS before ordering, and select the corresponding brand of magnetic blocks, in case the magnetic blocks are demagnetized in advance in the long-term high temperature environment;
5. Here we would like to solemnly remind you that the roller type strong magnetic PTMS separator produced by the regular PTMS manufacturer will not attenuate the magnetic force after 5 years of normal use.

What are the benefits of magnetic separation?

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