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Dry Small PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Good At Processing Three Kinds Of Mineral Materials
Время: 2021-01-07

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PTMS Magnetic Separation
What Is Magnetic Separation Method ?

Small PTMS dry magnetic separation machine implementation mineral separation principle: small PTMS dry magnetic separator magnetic separator in the mineral separation by vibration feeder give to mine materials evenly separation tube, the top of the rotating cylinder will be nonmagnetic material cast cylinder, the function of magnetic material in magnetic field force is sucked into the cylinder, with mineral plate can be very convenient, accurately separate the magnetic and non-magnetic material.

Dry method small PTMS magnetic separator is good at processing the material types include the following:
 1, strong magnetic minerals: magnetite, titanium magnetite, zinc iron spinel, pyrrhotite, etc., the number of this kind of minerals is not much;
2, weak magnetic minerals: can be for hematite, limonite, ilmenite, hard manganese ore, pyrolusite, garnet and other iron removal treatment, the number of this kind of minerals is relatively large;
3, non-magnetic minerals: most of the non-metallic minerals and non-ferrous minerals belong to this class, such as potassium feldspar, chalcocite, galena, sphalerite, stibnite, scheelite, cassiterite, gold and other minerals of the separation.

Thus it can be seen that the magnetic separation function of the dry small PTMS magnetic separator has a good play in various industries, and has been the consistent praise of the user.

Which metal cannot be separated by magnetic separation?

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