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The Iron Removal Rate Of Vibrating Dry PTMS Magnetic Separator Can Reach More Than 95%
Время: 2021-01-10

Magnetic Equipment
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Vibrating dry PTMS magnetic separator is a special dry powder magnetic separation equipment specially used for separating iron powder and iron impurities from powdery materials. The magnetic separator generates a magnetization field through the rare earth permanent magnet material, forming a high gradient strong magnetic field outside the stainless steel box. Two pieces of stainless steel plate in transverse relative motion, two pieces of stainless plate equidistant distribution of magnetic induction, when the materials will be fed from the funnel by stainless steel plate box, under the weight of the vertical through the induction rods, in the process of falling, the material inside the inclusion of ferromagnetic material will be adsorbed by magnet, when the adsorption of ferromagnetic materials is large, clear the iron impurity transfer artificial magnetic field. The equipment can be continuous or intermittent feeding, iron removal rate can reach more than 95%. Vibrating dry PTMS magnetic separator is widely used in ceramics, glass, cement, refractory materials and quartz sand, chemical industry, plastics, abrasives and other industries to separate iron impurities.

Vibrating dry PTMS magnetic separator mainly has the following characteristics: by the movable strong magnetic plate and magnetic induction bar composition of three-dimensional magnetic system, material from the magnetic area after, with magnetic induction bar full contact, to achieve the purpose of iron. The high intensity magnetic induction bar makes the transverse relative movement, plays the stirring function to the falling material, the adsorption is more sufficient. Selection of NdFeB as the magnetic source, magnetic deposition energy is high, magnetic field is stable, can ensure that eight years of magnetic attenuation is not more than 5%, magnetic cleaning is convenient.

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