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Dry Type High Intensity Magnetic PTMS Magnetic Separator Is Used For Materials Containing Less Than 2% Of The Fine Magnetic Minerals
Время: 2021-01-12

Magnetic Separation Diagram
What Is Magnetic Separation Process?

Magnetic separator manufacturers: hematite is mostly in the form of fine grain, fine grain, so if you want to improve the grade of concentrate. It can only be done by fine grinding. Grinding cost is the key component of beneficiation cost. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out dry pre-casting for hematite with coarse gangue size after crushing stage, which can reduce the grinding amount in subsequent grinding operations. For some of the mine water inconvenience, also should be dry hematite preselecting, and then the enrichment of middleman transported to the working conditions of the concentrator for fine operation, both of these cases have to rely on the dry high intensity magnetic separator to complete.

Dry high intensity PTMS magnetic separator for hematite separation has the following advantages:

Dry type high intensity magnetic PTMS magnetic separator using NdFeB magnetic material, effective sorting area surface magnetic induction intensity can reach 13000 gauss.

Dry strong magnetic PTMS magnetic separator compact structure, according to the processing process can be designed into a multi-section magnetic separation series (parallel) as one of the models, reduce supporting facilities and save the site. It can be designed into belt operation model according to different mineral processing requirements, which can effectively realize the smooth ore discharge when the candidate material contains a small amount (≤2%) of fine strong magnetic minerals and elemental iron.

The brush ore unloading device can realize effective ore unloading.

What are the benefits of magnetic separation?

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