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Manganese Ore Dry Type PTMS Magnetic Separator Magnetic Field Intensity Also Increased To 8000MT
Время: 2021-01-16

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Price in many cases affects the customer's purchase psychology, the same quality than the price, the same price than the quality, has also become a consumer in the choice of goods when a psychological, but for the manganese ore dry PTMS magnetic separator this large equipment, the price at some time also affects the development and sales of enterprises.

The price of manganese ore dry PTMS magnetic separator has a direct relationship with the cost of the magnetic field, the magnetic system of the dry PTMS magnetic separator is mostly made of high quality ferrite materials or rare earth magnetic steel composite, before the average magnetic induction intensity of the tube is 800-4000MT. Due to the development of technology, it can be made into a roll shape, and the magnetic field strength has also increased to 8000mT. It is already the highest measured magnetic field intensity at present. Now an electromagnetic PTMS high gradient magnetic separator is within the pin with solenoid coil, placed a certain number of magnetic stainless steel wool (or steel) points selected tank, after excitation coil, make the magnetization of the magnetic stainless steel wool, its surface to produce highly inhomogeneous magnetic field, in this form to achieve the goal of high magnetic field, solve the problem of low magnetic field in the customer production.

In general, the price of manganese ore dry PTMS magnetic separator needs to be decided according to the model of the equipment, specifications, etc., different models, the price will naturally be different, so the customer in the consultation price, need to decide according to the actual situation.

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