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Iron Slag Dry Type PTMS Magnetic Separator Processing Capacity Can Be From The Production Of 10-400 Tons According To The Needs Of Customized
Время: 2021-01-18

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What Is Magnetic Separation In Science?

Main equipment of magnetic separation processing iron slag iron slag wet PTMS dry magnetic separator and iron slag PTMS magnetic separator, given that many clients job site geographical environment, the water shortage is not suitable for wet magnetic separator, magnetic separation vendors would specially designed water can to choose other dry iron slag iron slag PTMS magnetic separator, dry selected assignments do not affect the improvement of the classification and grade of iron slag. Iron slag dry magnetic separator including a vibrating feeder,

Magnetic roller, frame, reducer, motor, etc., in addition to the machine can also be configured with forklift loading large bunker, below also equipped with grain feed conveyor to into a whole, the use of more convenient customer, iron slag dry PTMS magnetic separator can be designed according to the nature of the mineral aggregate, magnetic field intensity can also be designed according to the material, the machine inside the magnetic roller can also according to the material design, magnetic roller can do 1500 mm diameter, length can be 5000 mm, processing can range from 10-400 tons of production when the need to customize.

Through the above explanation, I believe we have a comprehensive understanding of the iron slag dry PTMS magnetic separator equipment, in the use of iron slag dry PTMS magnetic separator when customers can also customize different specifications of the magnetic drum according to their own materials, to ensure the profit of beneficiation.

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