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High Magnetic PTMS Magnetic Separator Fine Advantage
Время: 2021-01-19

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High magnetic PTMS magnetic separator as an important member of PTMS mineral processing equipment, plays a key role in mineral processing operations, especially in the development of recent years, magnetic separator diversification, specialization, intelligent development has made good achievements. In the rapid development of industry today, a variety of new technologies continue to mature, strong magnetic PTMS magnetic separator also has a prominent role, actively participate in the competition also let the magnetic separator better show their own strength, the current development of strong magnetic PTMS magnetic separator is developing towards the following four trends.

1, equipment of fine: the strong magnetic magnetic separator application field expands unceasingly, the fine degree of mineral separation are also constantly improve, strengthen the strong magnetic separation characteristics of the magnetic separator, the magnetic system design, the introduction of more high performance permanent magnet material, magnetic system structure has been optimized at the same time, the added auxiliary magnetic system, as far as possible to reduce the magnetic flux leakage phenomenon, improve the precision of the strong magnetic magnetic separator for mineral separation.

2, equipment upsizing: the rapid development of mining industry and the increase in the demand for mineral resources in production and construction, so that the mining equipment manufacturing industry has been expanded, ordinary equipment can not adapt to the situation of gradually expanding mine production capacity, mining equipment manufacturers will be committed to the development of large magnetic separation equipment.

3, equipment automation: the development of automation technology to improve the speed of industrial development, especially in the improvement of productivity, so the high magnetic separator automation technology needs to continue to strengthen, in order to meet the requirements of mining enterprise automation production.

4, equipment energy saving: high intensity magnetic separator in the future development need to further strengthen the production advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, and need to improve the utilization of resources and associated metal recovery, but also should reduce production costs, and reduce pollution to the environment.

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