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The Cylinder Of PTMS Magnetic Separator Is 600mm In Diameter And The Speed Is 40r/min
Время: 2021-01-29

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PTMS Magnetic Separation
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It can be said that the figure of PTMS magnetic separator is often seen in mining equipment, so you can see that the role of the equipment is very important. Therefore, once the efficiency of the equipment is the magnetic separation effect is not good, then it will seriously affect the whole process of work, so what are the factors that can affect the effect of magnetic separation?
 1. The size of the cylinder speed of PTMS magnetic separator cylinder speed equipment has a greater impact on the processing capacity. The higher the cylinder speed is, the greater the processing capacity is, and the smaller the processing capacity is. Generally speaking, the equipment with a small diameter will use high speed, for example, 600mm diameter with a speed of 40r/min; Large diameter with low speed, such as Φ 750 mm diameter with speed for 36 r/min. PTMS magnetic separator cylinder speed also has certain influence to the concentrate quality, cylinder high speed equipment, for magnetic small even had body and the effect of gangue is not big, only to the magnetic effect, high ore PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron (FE2O3) inside. Therefore, it will affect the concentrate quality; The low speed of the cylinder equipment, the speed is relatively slow, then the magnetic induction will also remove the magnetic weak minerals, will also affect the quality of the concentrate. 2, PTMS magnetic separator magnetic system deflection Angle is general, by the national official production equipment in the transmission shaft head will be equipped with magnetic system deflection indicator device, by turning the nut to adjust the size of the magnetic system deflection Angle. The magnetic system deviation Angle is too large or too small will affect the magnetic separation efficiency of the magnetic separator, the deviation Angle is too small will affect the concentrate quality, so that the magnetic system small mineral particles have a chance to be sorted; Deviation Angle is too large to select only large magnetic minerals, PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3), for magnetic small mineral separation opportunities almost no, therefore, will improve the concentrate quality, but will make the tailings grade increase, PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3), and then reduce the recovery rate. Generally, the magnetic system deflection Angle commonly used in the factory is 15°~20°. The specific deflection Angle of each plant needs to be determined according to the operation requirements. After adjustment, if the operating conditions and requirements in production do not change, try not to change.
 3, PTMS magnetic separator, the clearance between the cylinder and tank bottom device the size of the cylinder and tank clearance solutions is one of the factors that influence efficiency of magnetic separation, if the clearance is too small (i.e., Jane peel and tub too close to the distance), pulp by not unobstructed, affect the processing, at the same time, due to the magnetic field strength conference will choose don't strong magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals, thereby lowering the concentrate quality. If the gap is too large, for the magnetic system is weak mineral separation strength will be reduced, although improve the concentrate quality, but reduce the recovery, PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3).
 So the above three aspects are easy to affect the magnetic separator magnetic separation effect of the factors, in order to avoid these factors affecting the magnetic separation effect of equipment, it is necessary to do the corresponding preventive measures for these three aspects, so as to better ensure the use of equipment effect.
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