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Permanent Magnet PTMS Magnetic Separator Can Improve The Grade Of Fine Powder By 65% In Quartz Sand Sorting
Время: 2021-02-01

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PTMS Magnetic Separation
What Is Magnetic Separation In Chemistry ?

The separation process of quartz sand adopted by permanent magnet PTMS magnetic separator mainly includes gravity separation, magnetic separation, electrical separation and flotation, and can also be obtained by chemical leaching of high-quality concentrate. Gravity separation is generally used for enrichment of kaolin, potash albinite, quartz sand or separation of lighter gangue minerals, commonly used equipment has a shaking table and spiral chute. Magnetic separation is mainly used to separate kaolin, potassium albinite, quartz sand, magnetite, ilmenite and non-magnetic minerals. The electricity is used to separate kaolin, potassium albinite, quartz sand, magnetite, ilmenite, limonite and rutile.
Flotation is used to separate quartz sand, rutile, mica or to remove sulfide. Different quartz sand mineral magnetism is also different, no matter what kind of quartz sand, will contain a certain amount of iron, PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). And most of the quartz sand has the presence of ferrous components, which is the reason for all kinds of garnet with strong magnetic. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). This is also the reason why quartz sand can be selected by permanent magnet separator.
Because the quartz sand has a relatively strong magnetism, it can be effectively enriched and recycled through the high-intensity permanent magnet magnetic separator. The magnetic separation of quartz sand can be dry, can also be wet. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). Because the finished product of quartz sand is required to be dried and bagged, dry magnetic separation will generally be used after the drying treatment of quartz sand and before the grading treatment of products. PTMS magnetic separator can remove the iron inside (Fe2O3). Therefore, permanent magnetic PTMS magnetic separator is widely used in the recovery and classification of quartz sand.
PTMS is the main PTMS magnetic separation equipment professional company, PTMS magnetic separation equipment for kaolin, potassium sodium feldspar, quartz sand removal of iron (Fe2O3). PTMS to provide customers with high quality PTMS magnetic separator, in addition to iron equipment and other products and services, the best choice of PTMS magnetic separator. PTMS develops, designs, and sells mining machinery, iron removal equipment, and dry magnetic separators.
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