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PTMS Dry - Type Permanent Magnetic Cylinder Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-05-19

Magnetic Equipment
PTMS dry permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator is mainly composed of sorting drum, magnetic system, transmission device, feeding device, selection box and frame. The sorting roller is usually made of stainless steel plate, which has high strength and is covered with wear-resistant rubber. The magnetic system is composed of ferrite permanent magnets with enveloping Angle of 270 degrees and circumferential polarity alternating. The magnetic separator is divided into two kinds: single cylinder and double cylinder. The length of the single cylinder magnetic separator can be adjusted by the baffle position; Duplex magnetic separator can be adjusted by the magnetic system deflection Angle to adapt to the needs of different sorting process (select or sweep).

PTMS dry type permanent magnetic cylinder magnetic separator is mainly used for the dry separation of fine particles of strong magnetic minerals, but also suitable for removing magnetic impurities or magnetic material purification from powdery materials. It has the advantages of simple process, eliminating the need for concentration and filtration of dehydration, less equipment, small footprint, water saving, low cost and so on. It is suitable for early dry water shortage and cold areas.

What Is Magnetic Separation Method?
PTMS dry - type permanent magnet drum magnetic separator has two products and three products in two forms.

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