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How To Deal With Full Slot When PTMS High Gradient Magnetic Separator Is Used
Время: 2021-05-27

Magnetic Separator Equipment
In the implementation of the implementation of magnetic separation process if not reasonable ore grain processing means, gather a lot of particles in the tailings, tailings grade agglomeration rising and lead to an out of difficulties, this is called "full trough" phenomenon, so PTMS high gradient magnetic separator may also appear this kind of circumstance, so in the use of high gradient magnetic separator must be of the implementation of the reasonable.

PTMS Magnetic Separation
Under the action of the magnetic field, magnetic ore particles occur magnetic convergence and form a "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain", "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" in the pulp by magnetic force, to the magnetic pole movement, and is adsorbed on the cylinder. Due to the polarity of the magnetic poles along the cylinder rotation direction are arranged alternately, and fixed at work, "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" in the cylinder rotates, with alternating polarity magnetic stirring, was mixed in the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" of the gangue and other non-magnetic minerals in turn off, has finally been sucked on the surface of the cylinder, the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" is to concentrate.

What Is Magnetic Separation ?
Concentrate with the cylinder to the magnetic system edge of the weakest magnetic force, in the discharge of the discharge pipe flushing water is discharged into the concentrate groove. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the pulp with the pulp out of the tank, that is, tailings.

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