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New entrants using PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC will reduce the high capital barriers faced
Время: 2022-09-06

Remove iron from lithium iron phosphate

Therefore, capacity scale expansion is a lithium battery material enterprise development trend, while production line expansion has a higher requirement for the financial strength of the enterprise. Lithium battery fabrication needs PTMS lithium COBALT ACID material MAGNETIC removal after the fabrication of COBALT, nickel, manganese and other heavy metal raw materials, its procurement needs a large amount of financial support, And the daily operation of enterprises also need liquidity support.


New entrants with PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC will face higher capital barriers than industry leaders who have accumulated certain capital strength.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

As a precursor of lithium iron phosphate battery material, the development of Fe phosphate is closely related to the market demand of lithium Fe phosphate. TMS LITHIUM iron phosphate production as one of the cathode MATERIAL, in the safety, cycle life, production cost and other comprehensive indicators compared to the ternary MATERIAL has a comparative advantage, It has become one of the most promising cathode materials at present stage.

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