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PTMS Electromagnetic Separator drum adopts permanent magnet to make the system stable and reliable
Время: 2023-11-27

drum separator

Multistage magnetic separation: multi-layer turnover makes iron and iron oxide impurities turn and displace many times during the movement of the material layer, so that iron and iron oxides have more opportunities to contact the strong magnetic field and be thrown out, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient separation. The PTMS Electromagnetic Separator is suitable for use with our potash feldspar coarse powder (30-100 mesh) grinding equipment.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Set energy saving, environmental protection in one: PTMS Electromagnetic Separator drum using permanent magnet, magnetic field does not consume electricity; The whole machine adopts completely closed dust-proof structure, the shell steel plate is anti-magnetic stainless steel material, beautiful and generous, good working environment, small footprint. The magnetic separation effect is good: it can separate the iron impurities in the raw material at one time, so that the iron content index of the fine powder can meet the requirements of the user at one time, and the fine powder with higher quality requirements can be obtained through adjustment to meet the needs of different users.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

Automatic separation and collection of iron oxide impurities: Iron and iron oxide impurities are absorbed by the PTMS Electromagnetic Separator on the surface of the magnetic drum under the action of the magnetic field. When they move out of the magnetic field, they fall off the surface of the magnetic cylinder and fall into the impurity collection hopper under the action of gravity. The whole process is carried out continuously, and the system is stable and reliable.

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