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PTMS Electromagnetic Separator equipment can be used to effectively remove iron
Время: 2023-12-09

iron separator machine

The PTMS Electromagnetic Separator of potassium feldspar is mainly divided into two kinds: dry separation and wet separation. Relatively speaking, the efficiency of wet beneficiation is higher than that of dry beneficiation and it is not easy to have the phenomenon of "over-selection". In order to avoid bringing iron impurities into the mineral processing process, the grinding process of potassium feldspar ore generally does not use iron grinding medium, mostly stone wheel rolling, intermittent gravel grinding or porcelain ball grinding.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

On the one hand, desliming reduces the content of fe2o3 in feldspar, and increases the content of na2o and k2o. On the other hand, the primary slime and the secondary slime produced by grinding are removed. Desliming can be done by hydraulic sedimentation or by using foaming agent or collector to floatate PTMS Electromagnetic Separator, which is preferred to combine with flotation agents when the sludge is negatively charged.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar ?

The iron minerals, mica and garnet in potassium feldspar ore have certain magnetic properties, while feldspar is not magnetic, so feldspar and magnetic minerals can be separated under the condition of external magnetic field. Due to the weak magnetic properties of iron minerals, mica and garnet in ore, PTMS Electromagnetic Separator equipment is usually used to effectively remove them.

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