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PTMS Electromagnetic Separator The driving mechanism of the rack
Время: 2024-01-25

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The PTMS Electromagnetic Separator frame is provided with a driving mechanism for driving the first and second disks simultaneously. The driving mechanism comprises a first gear and a second gear arranged on the frame, as well as an inner gear ring arranged at the bottom of the first disk and an outer gear ring arranged at the bottom of the second disk. The first gear meshes with the second gear and the inner gear ring respectively.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The second gear is engaged with the outer gear ring, the first gear and the second gear are arranged in a plurality of groups along the circumference of the first and second PTMS Electromagnetic Separator, and at least one of the first or second gear is connected with the drive motor. The invention adopts a driving element to simultaneously drive two disk bodies to do unequal speed circular motion to ensure the speed difference between the two disk bodies is stable.

what is magnetic separation in Quartz?

The center hole edge of the first disk body and the outer torus edge are provided with a downward extending guard plate to prevent slag and slurry from entering the PTMS Electromagnetic Separator system equipment and affecting the operating efficiency of the equipment. The bottom surface of the barrel body is inclined, and the discharge port is set on the low side of the bottom surface to facilitate the accumulation of pulp.

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