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PTMS Electromagnetic Separator uses a circular arrangement for the multistage separator
Время: 2024-03-01

feldspar mineral processing

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator uses a circular arrangement of the multistage drum to make the machine more compact and reduce the footprint. The recycled water can be used to clean the iron, and there is no need to use clean water, which improves the recycling rate of water resources. This series of automatic high gradient permanent magnet strong magnetic kaolin slurry iron removal machine adopts permanent magnet closed magnetic circuit to form a strong magnetic field working chamber.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

The distribution of background field intensity is uniform, and the structure-specific medium material made of special materials is placed in the working chamber to generate the magnetic agglomeration effect, and the magnetic field intensity around the medium is high and the gradient is large. According to the magnetic force calculation formula, PTMS Electromagnetic Separator can produce strong magnetic force. This series of products for our company carefully developed iron removal products,

what is magnetic separation?

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator's high efficiency, low energy consumption, full automatic and other characteristics play a very important role in the removal of iron from kaolin raw materials. Main technical indicators: the working field strength is above 12000Gs, which can remove strong magnetic impurities and part of iron oxide and titanium oxide in the slurry, and improve the whiteness of the product; Under the premise of continuous iron removal, the automatic cleaning cycle is adjustable from 4 to 30 minutes;

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