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PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC parameter setting has a certain influence on the iron removal effect
Время: 2022-08-17

Graphite iron

In order to remove metal foreign matter, PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC has become a necessary process for the production of positive electrode materials. It is widely used. However, this equipment does not work for non-magnetic metal substances such as copper and zinc, so the workshop should avoid the use of copper and zinc components. If necessary, try not to contact with the powder directly or bare in the air. In addition, its installation position, installation number, parameter Settings also have a certain impact on the iron removal effect.

PTMS magnetic separator

PTMS is committed to the R&D and production of various kinds of electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron removal equipment and MAGNETIC separation equipment, including dry and wet PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC, permanent magnet iron removal grid, permanent magnet slurry pipe type iron filter, etc.

what is magnetic bead separation?

PTMS professional magnetic force development and design team has rich experience in on-site customization, the products are widely used in lithium battery new energy, non-metallic ore, food, medicine and other related industries that need products to remove iron. In line with the concept of sincere service to customers, we provide advanced and efficient PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal equipment.

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