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PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal production of cathode MATERIAL integration is the future trend
Время: 2022-07-26

Remove iron from lithium iron phosphate

The integration of PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal and cathode MATERIAL production is the future trend. Cathode MATERIAL enterprises are still manufacturing in the final analysis, and the pricing mode of manufacturing mostly belongs to raw MATERIAL + processing fee + profit. Enterprises with a single link want more profit space. Only strive to make differentiation or high value-added products.


The price of lithium cobalt oxide, the core raw material of cathode material, has exceeded 200,000 yuan/ton, while the factory price of the product is 240-250,000 yuan/ton. Considering PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC equipment, labor and other costs, is the industry's gross margin maintained? The industry's main profits are concentrated in the upstream raw materials end.

what is magnetic separation in chemistry?

PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removing iron production of cathode MATERIAL enterprises to enter the upstream, in addition to the consideration of stable supply, mainly want to increase the profit space, get a higher financial index. Companies that move further and faster through integration will perform better in the future without radical changes in downstream customers and technologies.

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