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PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC Roller furnace is used before iron removal
Время: 2022-07-30

Remove iron from lithium iron phosphate

It is necessary to use LITHIUM battery roll table furnace to sintering the dried MATERIAL before iron removal. The advanced roll table furnace in the market adopts advanced infrared technology and advanced furnace materials to improve the thermal efficiency of equipment. Advanced temperature control technology is adopted to ensure the accuracy of temperature control. The uniformity of furnace temperature is guaranteed by using mature furnace body design technology.


Adopt scientific and reasonable transmission mechanism to ensure the smooth and stable operation of the push plate; The introduction of multi-channel atmosphere ensures the uniformity of atmosphere in the furnace chamber and the emission of waste gas. PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC removal ensures the firing quality of products.

what is magnetic separation process?

The sintered material is pulverized using an air flow mill. The working principle of air flow mill: compressed air is accelerated into supersonic air flow by Laval nozzle and then injected into the crushing area to make the material flow (the air expansion is fluidized bed suspension boiling and collision), so every particle has the same motion state. In the crushing zone, the accelerated particles collide with each other at the meeting points of each nozzle. The best choice is the PTMS LITHIUM COBALT ACID MATERIAL MAGNETIC.

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