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Advantages Of PTMS Magnetic Gravity Separator For Kaolin, Potash Albspar, Quartz Sand
Время: 2021-04-22

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PTMS Magnetic Separation
How To Separate Two Magnets ?

PTMS magnetic gravity separator, its separation principle is: Magnetic field strength is 4-16 ka/m electromagnetic fields in suspension in the provisions of state of fluid mechanics, and enrichment of mobile layer formed obvious limit, in ferromagnetic particles layer formed by magnetic particles aggregate easily damaged by the flow of the fluid dynamic, nonmagnetic particles and even had body being rising water flow to the upper suspension, and is discharged in the form of the overflow, So as to achieve the purpose of sorting. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. The characteristics of the method is: if the suspension feeding of ferromagnetic particles in ferromagnetic particles area can constantly update, beneficiation production can be conducted in the whole suspension in the body, because the magnetic particles by external electromagnetic fields is aggravating, gangue mineral is rising flow increase rapidly, it is a guarantee of coarse grained nonmagnetic particles and even had body row of overflow. PTMS magnetic gravity concentrator can be equipped with or without impeller, and is equipped with an automatic adjustment system to ensure the specified level and density of ferromagnetic particle layer, so as to adjust the amount of concentrate discharged from the concentrator. PTMS magnetic gravity separator can increase the grade of iron concentrate to more than 69.50%. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products.

PTMS magnetic reunion heavy machine, through the layers of different magnetic field of permanent magnet installed in the sorting cylinder multipole magnetic system, the introduction of rising water, using different magnetic mineral grain and the difference of the properties such as density, wait for a variety of integrated magnetic force, shear force and gravity force for separation, make the particles form a "separate - together -" repeatedly state, hence leading to the purification of magnetic floccules constantly. The purified flocs overcome the buoyancy of the rising flow and sink to form a high grade concentrate. Compared with the traditional permanent magnet drum type magnetic separator, PTMS magnetic agglomeration gravity separator has higher magnetic selectivity and separation accuracy. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. The application of PTMS magnetic agglomeration gravity separator shows that it can effectively solve the problem of separating useful monomer minerals from poor intergrowth. The grade of iron concentrate increased by 2% while keeping the same grinding particle size; When keeping the same concentrate grade, the size of coarse grinding can be appropriately placed to improve the processing capacity of the mill. PTMS magnetic agglomeration gravity machine has realized the serial production of 8 kinds of specifications and models from Ф600mm to N2500mm, and has been successfully applied in many large, medium and small magnetic separation plants.

On the basis of PTMS common type magnetic polymerizer, a variable diameter type magnetic polymerizer and an electromagnetic polymerizer have been developed successively, which further utilizes the separation principle of agglomeration-dispersion alternating effect and improves the separation precision. PTMS magnetic separator can improve the whiteness of products. PTMS variable diameter magnetic concentrator was used to treat the ore with very fine dissemination size, and the concentrate grade was increased from 63.88% to 66.01%. Using PTMS electromagnetic agglomerator instead of the common magnetic agglomerator, the concentrate grade is increased by two percentage points, and the granularity can also be coarse separated.

how to separate two magnets?

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