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The Characteristics Of PTMS Magnetic Roller Magnetic Separator
Время: 2021-04-23

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 PTMS Magnetic Separation
What Is Magnetic Separation Method?

PTMS magnetic roller adopts permanent magnet and electromagnetic composite magnetic system. The diameter of the roller is 1800mm, the length of the cylinder is 2000mm, the magnetic induction intensity of the simplified surface is 250-260mt, the processing capacity is 500-600t/h, and the upper limit of particle size is 350mm. The advantage of the magnetic roller of the composite magnetic system is that it has higher magnetic field strength and can obtain better sorting effect.

PTMS magnetic roller has adjustable speed, different diameter, different field intensity, different magnetic pole models, users can be selected according to the requirements of the process. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. The maximum diameter of the drum is 1500mm, and the maximum particle size of the processed material is 300mm.

PTMS magnetic roller has formed CTDG series, in many large and medium-sized plant has more than 100 equipment put into use. The diameter of the drum is from 500mm to 1500mm, the bandwidth is from 500 to 1600mm, the field strength of the cylinder surface is from 160 to 260mT, the particle size of the ore is from 75 to 350mm, the unit hour capacity is from 50 to 600t, and the machine weight is from 0.4 to 5.4t. Main production indexes: tailings grade 8.6% ~ 9.7%, concentrate grade increased 2.24% ~ 10.46%, magnetic iron recovery 99.35%. PTMS magnetic separator is the best choice. This series of magnetic roller has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, strong adaptability, simple pre-selection process and good economic benefit.

The maximum particle size of PTMS magnetic roller is 350mm, and the processing capacity is 450t. The use of the PTMS magnetic roller in kaolin, potash albite, quartz sand and other minerals shows that the tailings grade is 11.18%, and the concentrate grade is increased by 2.95%. PTMS mobile block ore magnetic separator, using high strength non-magnetic cast iron instead of stainless steel, low manufacturing cost, large processing capacity, has a strong adaptability.

PTMS electromagnetic magnetic roller, cylinder surface field strength 270mT, with surface field strength 240mT, processing maximum particle size 350mm, processing capacity up to 450t/h.

In addition, PTMS also has some new types of weak magnetic field separation equipment, such as PTMS eddy current magnetic separator, PTMS spiral magnetic field magnetic separator, PTMS magnetic cyclone, PTMS magnetic levitation separation equipment, PTMS electromagnetic shaker, etc., can improve the quality of concentrate to a certain extent, and has been widely used.

In recent years, low intensity magnetic separation technology has developed rapidly, and some new high-efficiency low intensity magnetic separation equipment has been developed and successfully applied, but it still can not fully meet the requirements of the development of magnetic separation technology. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out further research and develop a variety of efficient and multi-functional low intensity magnetic separation equipment.

In the coming period of time, the development trend of PTMS low intensity magnetic separation equipment is: large-scale, specialized and energy saving; A new type of magnetic separation equipment is developed by using the integrated field separation technology and the magnetic system design theory table. Strengthen the research of related technology and theory of magnetic separation, and apply it to the development of new magnetic separation equipment; Expand the application field of magnetic separation equipment.

what is magnetic separation method?

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