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PTMS magnetic separation equipment with high magnetic field mostly adopts closed magnetic system
Время: 2024-02-26

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Since the magnetic flux starts from the N level and needs to bypass a longer space to return to the S pole, the magnetic flux is relatively dispersed, and the magnetoresistance of the air gap is large, so the magnetic field strength in the selection space is low, and the magnetic field gradient is also small. PTMS magnetic separation equipment with high magnetic field mostly adopts closed magnetic system. The open magnetic system is the opposite, that is, the magnetic pole surface is relative to the surface,

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

At the same time, various shapes of induction ferromagnetic media (such as iron plates, iron rolls, tooth plates, iron balls and steel wool, etc.) are often placed between the magnetic poles, which become part of the ferromagnetic circuit. For PTMS magnetic separation, the separation gap may be single layer or multi-layer, but the gap is small, the magnetic flux is generally straight, the resistance is small, and the magnetic flux is concentrated, the magnetic flux density is large, and the magnetic field intensity is high.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

At the same time, the surface curvature of the induced magnetic pole is larger, and a higher magnetic field gradient is formed. Because the magnetic force generated by the magnetic particle is equal to the product of the magnetic field intensity and the magnetic field gradient, the strong magnetic field magnetic separator produces a large magnetic force. Dry weak magnetic field PTMS magnetic separation includes magnetic roller, also known as magnetic pulley and permanent magnet drum magnetic separator two categories.

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