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PTMS magnetic separation is the separation and purification of minerals by using water
Время: 2023-12-18

Magnetic separator

Water separation PTMS magnetic separation of weakly magnetic ore realizes the double advantages of high concentrate grade and high recovery. Used for the separation of low-grade weak magnetic limonite, it can improve the grade of 5-18 metals of limonite at one time. Scope of application of weak magnetic mineral processing, such as: hematite, limonite, manganese carbonate, manganese oxide, wolstenite, tantalum niobite and so on.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

Iron removal and purification of non-metallic minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, nepheline, fluorite, sillimanite, spodumene, kaolin, etc. Water separation PTMS magnetic separation is the use of water to achieve mineral separation and purification, the equipment is used in tropical and subtropical areas with abundant precipitation, because these areas have abundant annual precipitation and high mineral water content.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

It is not suitable for dry separation operation, and such climatic conditions provide good water resources for mineral water separation. So how does PTMS magnetic separation work in water separation, presumably we all do not know much about it, to introduce you: water separation magnetic separator workflow Water separation magnetic separator operation using water as the carrier mixed mineral concentration with slurry pump for transport,

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