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PTMS magnetic separation products can be driven by diesel engines
Время: 2024-02-08

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PTMS magnetic separation products are very suitable for arid water shortage areas, saving water resources and reducing mineral processing costs. It opens up a new way for exploitation and utilization of ultra-poor magnetite. This product can also be driven by diesel engine, and can be used in areas lacking electricity. In addition to existing shaped products, magnetic separators with different magnetic induction intensities and suitable for different magnetic materials can also be developed according to the specific needs of users.

PTMS Electromagnetic Separator

PTMS magnetic separation products are mainly used in the following occasions: for the removal of iron from non-magnetic materials, the effect is remarkable, and the dressing cost is low. It can be used for preselection of low-grade ore, preenrichment of ore resources, improvement of grinding taste and reduction of dressing cost.

what is magnetic bead separation?

PTMS magnetic separation is used for magnetic separation and purification of dry powder of sulfuric acid slag. It is used for tailings reselection and recovery of relatively enriched tailings in the dry slope section of tailings dam. It is used to purify iron concentrate powder in magnetic separation plant, to remove the poor auxiliaries and gangue in iron concentrate powder, to improve the grade of fine powder, and to increase the technical added value of products in separation plant.

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