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Small Potash Albite PTMS Magnetic Separator Magnetic Field Intensity Can Reach More Than 13500 Gauss
Время: 2021-02-06

Electromagnetic Separation
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Small sodium potassium feldspar PTMS magnetic separator equipment is the characteristic of constant magnetic heavy industry products, small sodium potassium feldspar PTMS magnetic separator is a kind of from low grade potassium sodium potassium feldspar in albite machine, this machine is designed for choosing sodium potassium feldspar and design research and development, can promote the grade of low grade potassium sodium feldspar, sorting through the use of the machine, to sell sodium potassium feldspar grade standard can direct sales, it USES dry sodium potassium feldspar, sodium potassium feldspar multichannel choose pure operations, can be designed into a roller to four roller, the potassium sodium feldspar customers to use, to get around to choose potassium sodium feldspar customers.
 Small potassium albinite PTMS magnetic separator equipment is the main equipment for high intensity magnetic separation of potassium albinite ore magnetic separation process, the equipment permanent magnet material as a magnetic source, open magnetic circuit design, so that manganese ore under the condition of high magnetic field strength, to achieve effective separation. Potassium sodium feldspar magnetic separation production line has the advantages of simple and easy operation, reasonable process, economic investment, high recovery rate, but the process is mainly for potassium sodium feldspar material of iron ore, therefore, it is not difficult to understand, magnetic separation is mainly used for sorting all kinds of iron ore or magnetic ore. PTMS magnetic separator is the use of ore and gangue magnetic difference between the separation of magnetic separation equipment, potassium sodium feldspar belongs to weak magnetic ore or co-generation ore, the need for processing equipment is high magnetic separator, this potassium sodium feldspar dry type PTMS magnetic separator has a high magnetic field intensity, large capacity, small power consumption, good sorting effect. Usually potassium sodium feldspar needs the processing process is crushing, magnetic separation, ball milling, magnetic separation (gravity separation), according to the customer's different requirements of equipment flow is also different.
 PTMS production of small potassium sodium feldspar PTMS magnetic separator equipment, magnetic field intensity can reach more than 13500 gauss, the magnetic system is made of composite NdFeB, magnetic field is stable, the sorting effect of potassium sodium feldspar is good, the company to do beneficiation experiments, design reasonable beneficiation process.
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